Right side of our brain

Left Side of our Brain

Our creative teams are constantly capturing the human experience in theMPH.comstudios and test kitchens.   They are open to your input and direction, as long as you don't mind being ignored.

Our founder and CEO is a hard-driver that hires and fires web designers  because they look better than him in a mini skirt.  We will build content as our training staff brings the newest web designer up to speed.

Welcome toMikesPieHole.com.How do the good people at MPH.com pass time during a quarantine?  We keep busy.

1. We finished a painting of the noble raven.  This painting will be given as a college graduation present to an engineering student. Arizona born and raised.

2. We commemorated our recently deceased, and also noble, cat Gato. Also Arizona born and raised.

3. We took our new Airstream trailer our on its inaugural trip to Patagonia Lake in extreme southern Arizona.  A banana cream pie made the trip.