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Our creative teams are constantly capturing the human experience in theMPH.comstudios and test kitchens.   They are open to your input and direction, as long as you don't mind being ignored.

Our founder and CEO is a hard-driver that hires and fires web designers  because they look better than him in a mini skirt.  We will build content as our training staff brings the newest web designer up to speed.

Welcome toMikesPieHole.com.The MPH.com kitchen has been busy preparing for Pie New Year: Pie Day. 

March 14 is about baking and tasting and giving and eating.  And with the new pie year comes new pie.  How about a Black Forest Cake in pie format. Chocolate crust, cherries, whipped cream, and shaved chocolate.  Those are all the ingredients necessary to launch a prosperous year.

Join MikesPieHole.com in celebrating pie and the coming Pie Day celebration.