Big Sky Birds

May 10 - This is a pair of paintings that will use a similar background.  One of the paintings will be a gift for an unsuspecting youngster.  The other painting will go into the private collection of  Check here for regular progress updates.

August 11 - Only the third progress pic; I have been busy with dog portraits.  The big cloud on the right is finished.

October 20 - the clouds are finished and the birds are roughed in.  That is a Harris hawk on the left, and a raven on the right.

March 29 - Been working on other stuff.  But now the raven is roughed in and his perch is almost finished.

May 8 - the Raven is finished and has been handed off.  It is a college graduation present for Mr. Daniel Duffy.  He is about to earn an engineering degree from the University of Texas - Austin. Daniel is an Arizona native, just like the raven, sky, clouds, and cactus in the painting, The Arizona upbringing gives him a solid perch.  The blue sky is the limit.  And the raven will help him navigate the light and dark clouds that keep adult life interesting and rewarding. Best wishes.