Duffy has been growing old for 50 years.  His milestone painting has only witnessed the past two years.

The background was finished when Mr. Duffy was 48 years old and had barely started shaving.  The middle ground and the foreground stumped the artist.  So the artist did the only sensible thing and hung it on his bedroom wall where he could wake up to it every morning and ponder the possibilities.

The painting relaxed on the wall for over a year.  But that's no biggie for a six million year old north Scottsdale landscape that had seen 2.2 trillion sun drenched sunrises.  The artist was only trying to capture one of those sunrises in time for Duffy's 50th birthday.

Anyway, this painting is a birthday present to the best friend and guy could ask for. He always listens, never judges, and usually laughs. He patrols the trails of north Scottsdale every weekend.  This painting is the view looking north from half way up Pinnacle Peak.

Since there aren't progress pics of the painting, here are snippets of the music that fuels this tribute. First, the Old97s' song "Friends Forever."  'nuff said.  Then Ireland's best guitar player, composer, and musical ambassador: Rory Gallagher.  He was there for the background.  And various Weezer and Black Keys albums, songs, and playlists were there for the foreground.

Duffy's View From Pinnacle Peak