Noni's Homies Speaker Box

The assignment came from my brother Ken, who builds speakers in his spare time.  Our niece Noni turns one year old on Sept. 3, 2016.  The assignment was to adorn this speaker box with images from Noni's first year.

Since little girls like dancing around to pop music, this is the girl gift equivalent to buying a boy a drum set. It works well to earn somebody the "Cool Uncle" title while the parents slowly lose their sense of humor.

When I visited Noni a few weeks ago, I asked her about the most important things in her first year.  Without hesitation she said "Noni's homies!" and she flashed the tattoos on her chubby baby thighs.  The left thigh showed Briggs wearing a bow tie.  The right thigh tattoo featured Hadley holding a left arrow sign with "I'm With Stupid." We all laughed.  Briggs laughed the hardest...because he can't read. 

Since everybody knows that dogs can keep a secret, I asked Briggs and Hadley about their "Homey" status and how they would like to be shown in the Noni's birthday tribute.  The dogs grabbed my cell phone and  took a Zoolander selfie in front of the family castle.  "Blue Steel!"

Briggs said that under no circumstances should I paint a cartoon image of him on a bicycle towing Hadley on a skateboard. It was uncanny.