Settle in for a few months of portrait painting.  One by one the Johnson Goldammer Gang will come into view.  The first pic was taken Sept 4, 2015.  It is a cheap canvas from The Wine Bar, one of those paint-by-numbers wine joints.   Check back for weekly updates.

It is September 19, and in case you haven't figured it out, this is going to be a Johnson & Goldammer version of the famous Brady Bunch family portrait from the intro to their show.  Sing it with me...   "Here's the story, of a lovely lady..."

Checking in on Sept 25, and Jameson (Jimi) is the first completed portrait.  Handsome little devil. Galaxie the dog is half finished.

Q: Why start with the animals? 

A: Because they don't complain about what they look like.

Nov 8 and the day job has been killing me the last few weeks.  I should be back to having the day job be my second priority.  The moral of the story isn't to quit your day job...its to not paint 5 portraits of loved ones.  It takes way too long to get them right...

Nov 16 and able to paint a little more, but not enough.  This coming week should be good.

Nov 23 and Gabriel's portrait remains unfinished.  You might even call it abandoned.  But I do plan to get back to in...but in the meantime I am bringing Marlee to life.  She will be thankful if I finish her by Thanksgiving and don't accessorize her with a Pilgrim's hat.

Nov 29 and we move from Marlee to Julie.

Dec 6 and Julie was started and Siri is almost finished. One model seems happy with the progress while the other seems concerned.  The artist is unphased.

Dec 13 and the artist is still unphased.

Dec 21 and Santa needs to wrap it up...

Jan 31 and the selfie is being worked on while Julie gets a re-working...

Feb 12 selfie done.  One to go!

Feb 21 and painting my way to the end.  Hopefully done in a week.

Feb 28 and this is an action shot of Yoshi the cross-eyed, thumbless cat telling me what to paint next.

March 9 and portrait fest is done!

The Johnson Goldammer Gang