Who doesn't love a good pecan pie?  Don't answer that...it wasn't a rhetorical question.  I have something better than a pecan pie.  This is like a pecan pie...on steroids...with chocolate. And it pairs well with vanilla ice cream.

MikesPieHole.com test kitchens are working on an injectable version of this drug.   This could ease heroin addicts off the evil "H".   I am not saying it isn't addictive.  I am just saying that is a seasonal treat, so the addiction only lasts during the holiday season when this pie should be on every tabletop.

The Fudge Nut Pie shares many characteristics of a pecan pie.  It has a crust, and filling with eggs, corn syrup, and nuts.  But MPH.com likes this better because of the brown sugar, the walnuts, and the CHOCOLATE!

There is something about this pie when it is served on the day it is made, and when it is still slightly warm.  And if you add a smidge of vanilla ice cream, all these flavors will come together to intoxicate your receptacles and neurons. 

This is a rare instance when MPH.com advises you to slice a modest chunk off the pie.  Eating too much is too much.  Just let the balance of sweet, nut, fudge, and vanilla settle on your palette. 

Welcome to rehab!

Fudge Nut Pie