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Left Side of our Brain

Our creative teams are constantly capturing the human experience in theMPH.comstudios and test kitchens.   They are open to your input and direction, as long as you don't mind being ignored.

Our founder and CEO is a hard-driver that hires and fires web designers  because they look better than him in a mini skirt.  We will build content as our training staff brings the newest web designer up to speed.

Welcome toMikesPieHole.com.Mike is going to the 2023 International Airstream Rally in Rock Springs, Wyoming.

The first assignment was to create a simple design so our local members can look snappy in our t-shirts and ball caps.  Next assignment: a charity art sale. Max size of 5" square, and they sell for $20 each. Proceeds going to local Wyoming charities.  MikesPieHole.com painted two pair of images featuring Airstreamers' favorite things: flamingos and happy hour!

Browse MikesPieHole.com and check out the Greeting Card Gallery.