The research team has found that most people say the best apple pie they have ever had was baked by their grandmother.  And believes that baseball, grandmother, and apple pie belong on the designed $1 bill.

That same research team also found that 9 out of 10 grandmas expect that you bake them an Apple Cranberry Crunch Pie during the next holiday season.

Cranberries and apples ripen at the same time of year.  They both are ready an willing to bring this pie to life anytime between November and January when fresh cranberries are available in your local grocery store. 

The kitchens advocates for two-crust apple pie for the rest of the year.  But during the holidays we serve the crunch top.  And this isn't just a simple flour, sugar, and butter topping.  We go for the crunchy texture by including chopped walnuts and oatmeal.  The grandmas are looking forward to teh secret ingredients that provide the subtle intoxication. 

What are these secret ingredients? Just like grandma had secret ingredients  in their best casseroles, desserts, and life lessons, has secret ingredients.

Fortunately, you don't need to beg us for these secret ingredients.  You just need to follow the treasure map by clicking on the link to the Apple Cranberry Crunch Pie Recipe.

Apple Cranberry Crunch Pie