Everybody knows that it is hard to paint hands and hair.  What you don't know is that it is equally challenging to paint believable rocks.

When I got good enough at painting rocks, I had to paint "A" Mountain. Anybody connected to ASU has a connection to "A" Mountain.  This painting was a gift to Chad.  Of course, he has an obvious love for all things ASU.  But this image has additional meaning because he proposed to his wife Jodie at the base of the radio towers to sit on top of the rock.

The artist takes some comfort in knowing this painting sits safely in Chad's den.  When the vandals from down south attack our beloved A Mountain with their cheap paint and tacky colors, I know this painting is very safe and very gold hanging on a wall in South Tempe.  Chad's friends Smith & Wesson are on patrol guarding the gold.

On a personal note, the artist spent his formative years as Chad's back yard neighbor.  This turned Chad into a Designated Driver of sorts as the artist would walk over to Chad's patio and stumble home a few hours later.  Many nights were spent on that patio drinking, channel surfing, and talking through everything

This idyllic past time would have continued indefinitely if the artist's roommate (I.e., my soon-to-be ex-wife) hadn't decided to change her address. Those evenings on the patio took on greater importance during that tumultuous time in my life.  Chad (and Duffy) kept me grounded and kept my priorities straight.  The conversations, the laughs, and the stabilizing effect of having a close friend nearby was invaluable.

This gold "A" is protected by Smith & Wesson