Marlee Johnson's Housewarming Paintings

The popular investing axiom is that"past performance is not indicative of future results." That is good advice unless you are talking about Marlee Johnson.

Let me tell you about my first daughter. In her growing up years, at about 2:00 AM each Christmas morning she would wake up and go downstairs to check out what Santa delivered for her.  And if it was something like a Razor scooter, she would ride it around the family room until she had her fill.  Then she would return to bed with visions of sugar plums. 

For parents, it allowed us to sleep in.  But she knew what Santa delivered before we did.

So I should not have been surprised when she recently visited the headquarters of, wandered into the studio, and spied the in-progress paintings that will become her housewarming gift. "Is that Kiki?  Why are you painting Kiki?"

On the bright side, we are able to post progress pics on the website after this brief little spygate scandal.  But Santa's elves going to have to tell her to act surprised anyway.

Anyway, congratulations to her for buying a townhouse at age 22.  Its a big move, and deserving of two paintings from the Big and Bigger series.  Progress updates will be posted weekly.