Sunday and Freebie Waiting at the End of the Grid

What do you want when you retire? 

If you are from our grandparents' generation, you might expect a gold watch. If you are from our parents' generation, you might expect a pension. But if you are from my generation, your hope might be as simple as being able to retire.

The team at Mike's Pie Hole wish that you can enjoy a healthy retirement the same way you enjoyed a rewarding working life.

All of this leads us to Vice President Karen. We are celebrating her as she enjoys the start of her retirement - following 22 years as an executive at a major global company, and a prior 20 years with other employers.

Karen's husband has already retired.  They planned ahead.  Sold their desert ranch to downsize in Arizona and get a second home in an Idaho valley.

Karen's family is excited for her to join them in the well-deserved permanent holiday.

That family consists of Sunday, a Sun Conure, and Freebie, a Quaker Parrot.  This pair of feathered friends are waiting for Karen at the end of the grid.  They look forward to helping Karen unplug, throw away her blow drier, and take the Sunday and Freebie show to prime-time!

Congratulations, Karen.  Please accept this painting in exchange for all that you have done for us working types. 

Stay graceful.