Elvis Costello and Elton John are two of my musical heroes.  Each of then wrote and recorded theme songs to TV shows (real or fictitious). Maybe not some of their best work, but it stuck with me that they would write a song for a made-up TV show.

The years went by, and I eventually worked with three noble people that launched the Arizona chapter of Guitars Not Guns.  Those three people are Ryan Countrymen, Pablo Rodriguez, and Melinda Frankel.

By the way, Guitars Not Guns is not anti-gun.  It is just anti-violence.  They offer guitars and music lessons to  teens in challenging situations (foster homes, escaping homelessness, etc.).  This gives those kids a positive musical outlet to express themselves, with the hope they are not attracted to negative and destructive temptations. 

I got involved with Guitars Not Guns for their first big fundraiser, which is a golf event.  We will each play 100  holes of golf (yeah, one hundred holes of golf...) and get sympathetic folks to donate a dollar a hole towards Guitars Not Guns.

Besides raising money, I also had the idea to develop an image for a t-shirt or other marketing.  Yeah, not my best work, but fun anyway. 

By the way, your $100 will basically sponsor one teen.  Each kid gets weekly lessons for two months.  And if they successfully complete the lessons, they get to keep the acoustic guitar used during the lessons along with a case, tuner, and other necessities.  The kids can continue on with more advanced lessons at their choosing.   This is potentially life changing.

Let me know if you would like to donate.

Guitars Not Guns Fundraiser