Mango Cream Pie

Mango is a superfood.  It is the anti-cryptonite.  What does that mean exactly?  It means if you eat mango regularly, you get nutrients not available in any vitamin.  It also means if you eat mango cream pie, you will be healthy, happy, and grinning.

If key lime pie is a bit too tart for you, and other cream pies are a bit too sweet, then settle in for the perfect middle ground. 

When mango is cooked, it intesifies the flavor and gives the fruit a nice tang.  After experimenting with a few variations, I have come up with this mango pudding recipe that is fool proof. 

Start by following the graham cracker crust recipe.  Then focus on the mango pudding.  I used frozen mango because of its consistent ripeness and flavor.   Measure out about 4 cups of mango chunks and let them thaw in the fridge.  You will need three cups of pureed mango.

Puree the mango chunks.  Pour the puree into a sauce pan.  Stir in a little over a half cup of sugar and the juice of one lime.  Cook the mango on medium heat, stirring frequently until it gets syrupy and starts to bubble. .Now it is time to thicken.  See the insert under the pics.  After the mango is thickened, pour in two cups of heavy cream.  Stir until the fruit and cream are completely mixed.   Pour the filling into your crust and set the filling by refrigerating for at least a few hours.  Spread whipped cream on top of the pie.  Refrigerate until ready to serve.  Eat two slices for complete satisfaction.

I use a citrus pectin to thicken the mango because it works better than corn starch and it is vegetarian (gelatin is not).  Citrrs pectin is  less finicky that other pectin. Pomona's Universal Pectin is an example that is available at Whole Foods and many other grocery stores.  Add a tablespoon of calcium water (follow directions in pectin box) and a tablespoon of pectin powder.  Whisk while reheating to fully distribute the pectin.  Reheat to bubbling and remove from heat.